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Stu's Journal

Nov. 24th, 2004 08:28 am

Well I definitely haven't updated for like ever... eh well... its Thanksgiving break now... (FINALLY)... so glad... time to sit around and relax... no homework to worry about at all... (unlike the last few years when I'd end up reading and reading and reading crap over thanksgiving... or any holiday for that matter)... I might read a chapter or two in my government book though... just because I know my work scheldule and its definitely a busy one for the next two weeks... School has been going fine... everything else is well ... going I suppose... so confused about some things... and I really don't know where to turn but I suppose thats all part of it so it'll all clear up in the end... whether its good/bad it'll all clear up and work itself out... eh well.... I'm gonna get going... there isn't really anything too life shattering to write in here anyways... ooo maybe I should mention that I was accepted to Wilkes, SHip and Pitt... (I might have allready mentioned a couple of those) but you'll get over it... lol... going to see Wilkes on Monday... and Pitt sometime next week hopefully... Ok... I'm off to work... get to see me trex trex... since he is graced with working with me all freaken day... but we'll have fun...

Thats All For Now, STu

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Nov. 6th, 2004 10:51 pm

Well so I definitely haven't updated for a while... but yea well... Don't really remember the weeks prior to but we'll start with last weekend... which consisted of a senior guys/girls band tackle football game where I scored the only TD for the girls, then work, tehn sleepover with the girls... Sunday was the Bethlehem Halloween Parade... Monday started spirit week with PJ day, Tuesday Hawaiian day, Wednesday- 70/80's day and the Bury the hatchet luncheon with Freedom, Thursday was Superhero day and Friday the wonderful red and blue day... Decorated the band room thursday after school it looked amazing... best its looked all four years because everyone worked together this year to make it awesome and there wasn't a whole lot of pointless fighting... so that was good... Didn't go to any classes yesterday or for that matter bother to even show up and tell them I wasn't coming to class... lol.... yea well... ended up with my face painted which as soon as it was done I knew was a bad idea because I kept touching it... the pep rally could have been better but yea well it wasn't going to be perfect... Field show today was amazing... windy which stank but amazing...

This week not sure whats up exactly just know I work Wedsnesday and Monday/Thursday I have 1st co... Friday/saturday there will be a football game and Tuesday I think I have meetings... Sunday is the wonderfully anticipated Zorro Concert everyone should come!!!! You know you want to... Allrighty well Ineed to get to bed my nose is being a pain and stuff and I have to go to church tomorrow!

Thats All For Now, Stu

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Oct. 24th, 2004 09:51 pm

Now... I know I updated like a couple freaken days ago... unfortunately the dumb thing didn't go up... how nice of it... ya know...

But basically the past 2 weeks have been busy as hell and definitely the two worst weeks since school has started... but I suppose I couldn't be happy and carefree and stress free as I was up until that point all year... Last week was worse I believe but this way was just crazy busy and dramatic in its own way... All I've got to say is things better start looking up more like they were at the beginning of the year... I just want everything back to how it was... cuz then I didn't have a problem getting up in the morning and going to school... I didn't feel like missing any days and no matter how busy I was I was never tired and I had time to fit everything in... now it just seems like the more I do the more there is to do, the less time to do it in and the less fun it all is... The two weeks with all the parades were super busy but they were also fun busy these past two just haven't been fun in the least minus like 12 hours possibly... I just want it all back to "normal"

College Applications- my one for Wilkes got turned in Monday... the applications for Ship and Pittsburgh are going in tomorrow and hopefully all my recommendations will be in by Wednesday! That would be awesome... then all I have left is Lehigh and Gettysburg and they really aren't my top priorites but w/e... Have some short answers stuff to do for them... it'll hopefully get done before FHS/LHS but that won't happen I know it so maybe the week after... they aren't rolling admissions ofr anything so I'm really not too concerned... as long as there in by their deadlines thats all I really care about...

By the way... Go Red Sox!!!

I'm off to do something productive like maybe study or just go to sleep and get up tomorrow and study not sure which yet!

Thats All FOr Now, STu

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Oct. 9th, 2004 11:20 am

Wow... I really haven't updated for a while... however I remember updating... it must have eaten my entry... rarg...

Band Summary 2 first places, best majorettes at Ephrata and best march, music and drum major (BEST ADAM) at New Holland, great job at Celtic Classic parade and The football team beat Central and Parkland also enhancing those two packed weeks...

THis week slowed down a lot and because I'm lazy I'm just going to copy and past the entry from my other journal... Ah yes so Its been atleast a month since I've had a free friday night... they've all been spent at football games so far this year... yea well... football games aren't bad... they actually get fun at times... so since last time... football game against Central Catholic which we won... I believe by a lot but that was like a week ago so I forget... then we went out to Wendy's which closes at 10 but their drive thru is open and had a lil party in their parking lot with the food we bought at the drive thru... Saturday= homecoming... worked in the morning then Crystal did my hair... the pictures and all and out to eat with Brian, Z and Becky... fun times... fun times... everyone looked so pretty... and I had a great time... Sunday- not remembering much so it obviously wasn't that great... prolly homework and crap like that... Monday- first co... tuesday- Work 330-9 (that was a bad night busy as hell), Wednesday- Bell choir and then Government project with Domenic, Thursday work again 330-9 (wasn't as bad quite comical not busy, some minor, ok more like major drive thru issues... but when you put Trevor and I together with very little to do we create a little bit of chaos)... Friday... work 330-6 not bad... then a free night... today= hoagies, and football game along with some shopping at BOnton... Sunday= collegiate marching band thinger to see susie, Monday, first co, tuesday meetings, weds- bells, thurs- work, friday- football game, Saturday work, Sunday meeting... yea so once again my week is full... but not to the point where there will be no free time like the last 2-3 weeks... Oh well its kind of amazing despite being this busy I'm like in a wonderful mood! lol...

Thats All For Now, Stu

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Sep. 27th, 2004 05:14 pm

Some free time!!! amazing... First co got cancelled for this evening... yay... worked 230-445 to fill in some and then didn't bother to mention I could stay a little later since it was a major zoo and I was starving... whoops... school was ok... calculus-boring... government- stayed awake talked about volley ball and he read us the magazine again... physics- had free time ot work on our homework... so it was good... the worst part of the day was prolly band ... dead skunks on Grenadier suck when you're trying to march... the smell was horendous... lol... thats about it... I"m pretty exhausted... have some homework to do but its not getting done until I inhale some food... the weekend was great... Friday- win 3-0 against parkland, Saturday- Celtic Fest parade walked around with Brian, Z, and Pat for a while, work with Alicia for 4 hours (more sitting on my butt than anything) then back to Brian's house we never ended up goint in to Celtic Fest we all just chilled at his house... SUnday... lots of homework in the morning followed by lots of college stuff inthe afternoon then went down to Celtic Fest with Brian for a little bit then we watched a movie... it was fun weekend... this week will be hectic once again... parade weds, physics test thursday... Friday- game... working in between there nad Saturday homecoming and thats all I can really think of off the top of my head... eh well... I've been in like a super good mood despite being soo busy... also looking forward to seeing Susie on the 10th !!~

Thats All For Now, sTu

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Sep. 23rd, 2004 10:49 pm Haven't updated forever...

Super long/ super busy week... haven't had any down time except Saturday when everywhere was flooded and I felt like crap so that was umm not usefull... football games, parades, work... yea no time at all... and there will be very little time next week as well... but I'm loving every minute of it thus far... grades are good... life is good... some people are soo frustrated with school but for some reason I'm not... NEED TO DO lots of college stuff... thats being done on SUnday... lots to do that needs to be done like NOW... yea... oh well... can't put it off again... only have one essay to write so it needs to get done!!! must keep telling myself that... working has been hectic... but this week was much better than last week because I've been with Alicia (and Dick tonight) but not Scott... He just agravates me... Mon/Thurs of next week I'm with Scott but Monday I also have Trevor and its a 2 hour shift and Thursday I'm by myself... eh well... football game tomorrow, celtic classic parade sunday, New Holland Weds, Central Catholic game Friday (homecoming), homecoming dance Saturday!!! work this saturday, Mon, Tues, Thurs and hten next Saturday, first co and bunches of other stuff to fit inthere!!

Ephrata # 1!!! What a great night!!! Everyone was wonderful... lets keep it going!!!

I'm just in like the best mood... and I"ve been that way for like a month... maybe not quite but since school started (I know ... go figure)

Thats ALl FOr nOw, STu

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Sep. 15th, 2004 10:05 pm This week...

So things have gotten better... the grades turned out much better than I thought...

Calc- test today... wasn't bad... take home quiz due tomorrow... other than that boring

Government- Test- seemed super easy... yea definitely like an 85 on it... oh well.. sang the preamble with Annie so that'll bring up that grade

Physics- yea so the crap that I scribbled down in like the last few minutes of class was like right even though I didn't like look at it really... and somehow I ended up with a 93 on that test... followed by Rohmann and my lovely lab which pulled a perfect 40/40... it was genius... lol... he said he went back through to make sure there really weren't any mistakes... hehe... quite amusing... lol

After school- really felt like crap... thought I was going to like pass out at one point... but didn't... luckily... came home and felt better once I got here... supposeidly I fell asleep after school but I definitely don't remember that... ooo well...

me mommy made me a mozerella and tomato sandwhich (england memories) and I went to work (after some tylenol)... feel better... but still drowsy and not right... work was slow... adn I ended up doing a lot of cleaning... what fun! eh well...

I'm off to bed...

Tomorrow- work 5-9 (with Scott then the next 3 times I work are with Alicia or a sub)

Friday- football... vs. Dieruff at home... Saturday- nothing, Sunday- 1st co gig and meeting!!

Thats ALl For Now, Stu

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Sep. 13th, 2004 09:51 pm This Weekend

Friday- game... OT but we won like 24-17 or something... 2 game win streak.. must be a first... lol
Saturday- hoagies... got home... went to work at 12-8 because Nicole was sick (which of course I'm now getting sick :( )... then did nothign
Sunday- Roh came over and we did the lab/calc quiz, then went bowling with Brian, Chris, Z, and Becky... yea that was interesting.. I suck at bowling... home... then to Kaitlin's for Study group with her, Josh and Roh... much fun

TOday- was in a good mood... then it turned downhill about 3rd... calc was just boring and I was trying to stay awake... so far it doesn't sound like the government tests were the best... like 90 is highest without him grading the essays yet :(... must sing preamble tomorrow... then Physics test... yea I've never not known what was going on so much on a test before in my life... it was crazy... yea so that put me in a bad mood... went and dropped AP english got TA... chose Tone over Lowman... lol picked up college stuff... basically if I write my essay I'd be like soo close to done it isn't even funny but I don't know what to write about... rarg... need to do like a resumet hing for the one... eh well...

First Co- just wasn't in a good mood... It hink its because I don't feel too good...

Came home... had some of my mom's b-day cake which wasn't really cake... lol... and then cheered up pretty much... its amazing how just talking to some people can like make everything better!

Thats All For Now, Stu

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Sep. 9th, 2004 07:16 pm This week

School... I think it gets more boring every day... I am like always asleep by the end of Calculus and I go into that class wide awake.... same with Government... its ridiculous... they are just sooo boring... Physics I can concentrate in... its amusing...

Tuesday and Wednesday- work... 5-9 so I had like no time either of those days except to do homework and such...

Today for once I had some time... so I went down to NE did some quick community service... need to go down next week and maybe a day or two after that... to get their uniforms situated... but its all good... ended up sitting aroudnt here for a little then...

It was nice to sit and relax this evening... only really have government studying to do so thats good... need to do that but that can be done in less than an hour and I'm enjoying just sitting and chilling!

Coming UP: Tomorrow EM, school, test, pep rally, game
Saturday- hoagies... deliver... sleep... work 4-8 maybe something after that
Sunday- study group and lab report to write up (somehow I got picked for that job), memorize preamble, and read chapter 3 in govt... but then thats like it for a while...

Then Monday starts the like first full week of school... and I have something to do every night...
Monday- 1st co, tuesday- meeting, Wednesday/Thursday- work, Friday- game, SATURDAY - NO WORK!!! lol

ok well thats all for Now, STu

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Sep. 6th, 2004 10:21 pm this weekend

Saturday- work was super incredibly boring! yea it was boring beyond belief...

Sunday- shopping (bought 2 pairs of shoes) and then went to the movies to see Open Water... yea the movie sucks... but I still had a good time :)... lol... Friendly's afterwards for some icecream!

Monday- (aka today)... not too much went to see poppop in the hospital... found out my cousin Kelley is pregnant (I love how my parents tell me these things)!!!

Tomorrow-Friday my moms going to the shore... NOT FAIR!!!
so its me and the father!

Tues & WEds work... that will be fun... hehe... atleast I've got Trevor especially for tomorrow... lol

Friday- Football game again!

Thats ALl FOr NOw, STu

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